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Individual and Family “Lifestyle” Portraits

Glamour Sessions for that Deserving Lady

“Your work is great and we are definitely recommending you!”

Veronica T.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to capture memories that will last a lifetime and give you plenty of joy.

But, for me, there’s even more…

Ever body shamed yourself? Found flaw after flaw? Yeah…me too. That’s why one of the main missions I have for my photography is empowering individuals. That could be that woman who has lost all her hair from chemo. It could be a special needs child. It could be a teen who carries extra weight. Regardless, every single person has beauty, inside…and out. I want to capture a little of that in my photography and I hope it will translate to a more positive self-image for my client. I love when someone says something like: “I can’t believe that’s me,” or “I look pretty good in this picture..” It’s all about feeling better about ourselves. If I can do that for someone…then I feel I have done something worthwhile.

So…are you ready to begin?

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Serving Hickory, Conover, Catawba, Clairmont, Vale, Lincolnton, Maiden, Denver, AND anywhere else in the Carolinas by appointment. (Additional travel charges will apply.)